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Even with the most diligent dieting and exercise, extra fat can persist – especially in your stomach and thighs. Body contouring with BTL Vanquish Me™ can help. This state-of-the-art radiofrequency fat-reduction device is available at Somerset Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Warren, New Jersey. Take advantage of this noninvasive body-contouring technology and achieve the physique you desire by setting up an appointment with Matthew Clott, MD, online or by calling the office.

Body Contouring Q & A

What is noninvasive body contouring?

Surgical methods of body contouring, such as liposuction, require incisions, blood loss, and long recovery. The noninvasive method of body contouring offered at Somerset Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery requires no surgery, meaning no downtime but fantastic results.

What is BTL Vanquish Me?

BTL Vanquish Me reduces the circumference of your abdominal area and thighs. The radiofrequency energy emitted from the device disrupts fat cells so they can no longer survive. When the cells shrink, your body eliminates them naturally through the lymphatic system.

Who is a good candidate for BTL Vanquish Me treatments?

If you have stubborn fat in your thighs and belly that won’t reduce with conventional diet and exercise, BTL Vanquish Me could help. The procedure isn’t a comprehensive weight-loss procedure. You get the best results if you’re near your healthy weight, but have pockets of stubborn fat.

Does BTL Vanquish Me hurt?

The radiofrequency energy of BTL Vanquish Me penetrates your outer layer of skin to reach the fat beneath, but doesn’t harm your skin. You may feel heat, similar to that felt like lying out in the sun. Most patients describe the procedure as pleasant.

Following treatment, you may have slight redness in the treated areas. But these side effects are temporary and fade within a few hours.

How many noninvasive body-contouring treatments will I need?

You get the best results following four, 45-minute sessions. These are spaced about one week apart. Results may take several weeks to appear as your body evacuates the disrupted fat cells. Dr. Clott can help you understand what to expect from your treatment.

How long do the results of BTL Vanquish Me last?

The results of this noninvasive body-contouring treatment are permanent. The fat cells are destroyed for good – they cannot plump back up or regenerate.

For your long-term health and optimal physique, do maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a smart diet and exercise. If you gain weight, cells not treated with BTL Vanquish Me can swell up.

Noninvasive body contouring gets you a slimmer body without long recovery, incisions, or blood loss. Call Somerset Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery or schedule online to learn how you can benefit from BTL Vanquish Me.