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Tummy Tuck

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Extra skin and fat on the belly might be easy to hide, but nearly anyone with it would prefer not to have it anyway. At Somerset Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in Warren, New Jersey, cosmetic surgeon Matthew Clott, MD, offers tummy tuck surgery to slim you down in the midsection and give your body a sleeker physique. To find out if tummy tuck surgery is the right option for you, call Somerset Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery or book an appointment online today.

Tummy Tuck Q & A

What is a tummy tuck?

Ask anyone what they’d like to change about their bodies and a large number of men and women might point to their abdomen. Your belly is a common area for fat accumulation due to genetics, hormone changes like pregnancy and menopause, and your diet. The worst part? Belly fat is hard to lose. Even if you lose weight, extra skin and fat won’t budge from the area.

Tummy tuck surgery, also called abdominoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that involves the removal of extra fat and tissue around your abdomen as well as the tightening of skin in the area. As a result of extra mass around your abdomen, some of the muscles and tendons may have separated or torn. During a tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Clott also repairs any torn muscle tissue.

How does tummy tuck surgery work?

Like many other cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries, tummy tucks aren’t the same for everyone. Dr. Clott reviews your needs and goals first before coming up with your surgical strategy. 

Every tummy tuck at Somerset Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery starts with the administration of anesthesia to make sure you’re comfortable and at rest while Dr. Clott works. He makes an incision between your belly button and your pubic hairline, typically in an elongated, horizontal oval shape. He removes the tissue and fat before tightening and suturing your connective tissue. 

The final step happens when Dr. Clott repositions the skin around your belly button. You can expect for your belly button to appear to change position in the process. You can also expect to have a scar that is conveniently below your waist and easy to hide under your belt. 

Am I a candidate for a tummy tuck?

The results of tummy tuck surgery are undeniably enticing for anyone who would rather not have enlarged or sagging belly fat. However, like any surgical procedure, a tummy tuck isn’t everyone’s best option. In order to undergo a tummy tuck, you must:

  • Have a stable weight
  • Be a nonsmoker
  • Have generally good health
  • Do it for yourself only

People who opt for tummy tuck surgery are often men or women who have recently lost a significant amount of weight and still have some loose tissue and skin in the area that need tightening. This can impact the way you fit into your clothes and, of course, it often affects your self-confidence. 

Book your tummy tuck consultation by phone or online at Somerset Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery today.